Helping make a movie poster

Thea is a very special friend – she came with us to the Mountain Province to give school supplies to children who need materials for the new school year. See pictures here:

When Thea needed some help to make some art / movie poster for school, i said yes!

I told her, bring a white board and some magazines. I brought scissors, glue, paint (acrylic) and paint brushes.

First thing: Thea had to tell me about the story / movie – it was “Florante at Laura” a classic tale by Francisco Balagtas. We decided which scene would be good to feature in the poster and we decided, the famous “prince-tied-to -a-tree” scene.


I made a thumbnail of it with in pencil (this will help with the layout, proportions of elements etc.). Google images was helpful too.

We then started to paint the sky / background. We used the color purple. It’s pre mixed acrylic (i will write about pre mixed acrylics some other time).

Then I made a light pencil guide of the poster and it’s elements – basically, i made the “thumbnail” into it’s actual size.
Thea cutting
Thea did all the work cutting the magazines with a little help from Jaymee. We made sure everything fit.
We then had to glue everything to the board.
Thea cutting magazines
Thea did pretty touch ups with acrylic paint.
gluing magazine cut outs
Thea thought making the prince would be difficult but it turned out much more fun than anything.
Magazine clippings are great because they come with interesting shadings already!
Thea uses a thick felt tip pen to write the movie title, and a thinner pen for writing the director & writers’ name.
I was very happy when Thea said, i teach art differently – she didn’t expect that we would use cut outs.
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It was a great day with my friend Thea.

    Friday, July 12th, 2013

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