Art from the Apolinario Mabini Hapi Wheelchair Project): Plet Bolipata

Just like the artist herself, Plet Bolipata’s wheelchair has a whole lot of personality. Plet has been one of my favorite artists from way way back. I absolutely love her whimsical, dreamy colorful paintings.5104107852_01afbb3055_z 5087715283_5a4a8cf903_z

These are some of Plet’s wonderful wonderful work. Her style has translated to her sculptural pieces.t0513shell_feat2_1

Something about Plet’s wheelchair:

“WINGED CHARIOT by Plet Bolipata signifies the Fall of Icarus. He had tried to escape the king using wings made of wax and feathers. But he flew too near the sun and the wings melted. Icarus fell to the sea”.


Plet in her wheelchair :-)

IMG_6441 IMG_6440

IMG_6480 IMG_6479

See more of Plet’s work here:

manila art blog

Flicker images from Plet and her equally talented husband, Elmer Borlongan

And here are:

Elmer Borlongan’s photographs of the Wheelchair parade

BRAVO Plet! :-)

    Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

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