more to learn from the apolinario mabini hapi wheelchair project

Whenever I look at art, I can’t help but think how the work was done. I think it is important to look at art as a whole AND notice the details as well. Most of all, I think it is important to enjoy the work.

Here are some thoughts that went on in my head as I looked at the outstanding work for the Apolinario Mabini Hapi Wheelchair Project.

We start with Gerry Leonardo’s work:


Something about Gerry Leonardo’s Wheelchair:

“TRV, the smart THERAPEUTIC ROLLING VEHICLE by Gerry Leonardo, functions as a mobile boom-box and festive chair for patients in need of some cheering. Made of wood, resin, wire and electric gadgets”.

IMG_6394 IMG_6393 IMG_6392

A video of Gerry Leonardo here.

This is Leeroy New’s work:11

Something about Leeroy’s wheelchair:

“TEMPLE FOR HEALING by Leeroy New. “By assimilating the sinewy growth of the balete tree into the wheelchair, I’ve attempted to create an intimate temple for healing”. –Quote from Leeroy New. Made of sawdust and adhesive”.

IMG_6405 IMG_6404

Recently, Leeroy worked with CITEM and came up with incredible work as well. See Leeroy’s website here.

It was GREAT that a set of seniors from the Philippine School of the Arts or “Makiling”  joined the wheelchair project. I should have gotten their names!!!! This is their work.


IMG_6451 IMG_6453 IMG_6452 IMG_6449

One of the favorites is Kidlat Tahimik’s wheelchair:


Here is something about Kidlat’s work:

“MY ALL-WEATHER GUARDIAN ANGEL SALUMPUWIT a collaborative project by Kidlat Tahimik. Rattan guardian angel is made by blind Ifugao sculptor, other parts by Baguio, Ifugao and Bontoc weavers, carvers, painters and junk dealer”.

IMG_6407 IMG_6408 IMG_6406

Kidlat Tahimik is VERY famous and rightfully so. Here is the WIKIPILIPINAS link on him.


It was SUPER to see an old friend, Marc Cosio (I met him long ago when I collaborated with Anino Shadow Puppetry). Here is the blurb about Marc’s incredible wheelchair:

“Marc Cosico’s blue CUSTOM KALESA flanked by a pair of cherubs, is both wheelchair and carosa. Made of wood, metal, plastic and plumbers’ putty”.

IMG_6400 IMG_6398 IMG_6397 IMG_6396 IMG_6395I do hope everyone gets to see Marc’s work in real life and not just through pictures – Marc did SO much work and there’s so much detail that pictures will never be able to capture.

And now for Wendy Regalado’s work:


About Wendy’s wheelchair:

“MAN’S BEAST FRIENDS are three cats, according to creator Wendy Regalado. Her wheelchair carries three of them in bamboo and red paper lantern form. Two are climbing, one cat clings for life as it turns with the wheel”.

Wendy is an incredible artist who makes absolutely wonderful bamboo lanterns. When I see Wendy’s wheelchair, I can’t help but see Wendy herself – whimsical, natural, fun loving and earth loving.

IMG_6427 IMG_6426 IMG_6424

There are more wheelchairs to show but I think this is good for now. One can see that an artists’ work does reflect something about the artist himself. Perhaps that is why it is important that the artist remains true to himself or herself so that his or her work would be as unique as the artist who creates the work.

Which brings me to the question: What would you create if you had a wheelchair to dress up?

Here some photos (taken by Elmer Borlongan) of the wheelchair parade.

    Saturday, July 27th, 2013

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